We receive lots of questions about pelvic health products. Here’s a place to start learning more about the ones we recommend. Stay tuned for many more. Thanks for the support!

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Screenshot 2015-01-25 01.28.07*This is great for women dealing with vulvar pain.


Mu Tu System:

MuTu® System is the complete body make-over for Moms who want to lose the baby belly, improve pelvic floor function, strengthen their core and get strong, fit and truly body confident.

14 thoughts on “Products

  1. I currently make a cushion from a gardening knee pad by cutting our a section of the pad that prevents pressure on the pelvic area when I set on it. I’d love to see a product that was professionally made, and that was less obvious that I’m protecting my groin area. I find it uncomfortable/embarrassing to carry my current pad with me when I’m seeing a client.

  2. Hi Tracy. I typed in”taping for Pudendal pain” on google and came back to your site but don’t see TAPING anywhere here. Please help me locate this information.

    • Hi. That’s correct. I don’t believe I have anything about taping and pudendal neuralgia. It likely came here because of the PN search. There’s all sorts of taping for pain. But, likely not a direct resource for PN because this is not used a lot and only with trial and error… but, I will see what I can do to find you more info.

  3. Could you recommend a pelvic therapist who could help me with PNE / sacroileac joint issues? I live in South Jersey near Philadelphia.

    Thank you so much!

    • They can both help. It is individual and depends on why you are using them. A squatty potty helps chance the angle of the rectum for a BM. Most find this helpful, but some report doing better without it.

  4. I’ve been trying to find ways to manage my pain while keeping my career in information technology (using a computer for all the work I do).

    For people in my situation, I highly recommend either a standing desk or a stand to elevate your keyboard, mouse, and monitor that sits on top of the desk. An electric blanket and personal massager have been helpful as well.

  5. Any recommendations for practitioners in the western Massachusetts area? My wife is suffering from pelvic and vaginal pain and is not having a great deal of progress with PT. We are willing to travel to Boston or NY.

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