In the private world of pelvic health- the world of pap smears, prostate exams, and colonoscopies- where can people turn for advice? Pelvic Guru! Pelvic health matters. People experience issues in this area and may not know there’s help for leaking during exercise; abdominal separation after baby; pelvic organs prolapsing; pain with sexual activity; tailbone pain with sitting… the list goes on and on. There are conservative ways to manage this. Let’s get the word out.

When this blog started, it was more of a hobby and a way to connect with other pelvic health professionals. It soon became apparent that many healthcare professionals and patients were very interested in learning more about pelvic health – in a non-traditional, sometimes humorous way! The Pelvic Guru website and blog is solid place to turn for valuable information, funny stories and  support. As this blog page has evolved, we added staff behind the scenes at times and guest bloggers. We are just warming up and expect to have a lot more of an impact on ensuring everyone around the world is aware of pelvic health and sees how positive changes occur by talking about it! We feature blogs and resources from a variety of expert contributors such as Gynecologists, GI Docs, Colorectal Surgeons, Urologists, Sex Therapists, Women’s Health Nutritionists, Pelvic Physical Therapists, Pelvic Exercise specialists and many more!! The posts are viewed by people in 200+ countries around the world! We value your support and comments.

Though the name of the site may indicate there’s a singular “guru” mentality , that’s actually not the case. The founder of Pelvic Guru, Tracy Sher, MPT, CSCS, (LinkedIn) is on a mission to make sure that information is presented from numerous experts, researchers, and clinicians with evidence behind it.  She is a Pelvic Physical Therapist (since 2000) who specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, and sexual disorders. She works with many types pelvic health professionals and sees patients from around the U.S. and internationally (based in Orlando, FL).  She owns a private practice in Orlando, FL, Sher Pelvic Health and Healing, LLC. She also teaches courses internationally to physical therapists, physicians, nurses, PAs and more – Check out the course list.

Thank you,

Pelvic Guru Crew

Contact:  pelvicguru1@gmail.com

LinkedIn – Tracy Sher

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank You for commenting on my blog. I’m surprised to see a whole blog dedicated to Pelvic Floor problems. I’m curious what brought you to start this. Are you a sufferer? Or a Doctor? Or both? Please feel free to email me, we are always interested in what others have to say about this problem.
    Thanks for following my blog! Tammy

    • Tammy- I am a Pelvic Physical Therapist with over 12 years experience in dealing with a specialty of pelvic floor dysfunction. I speak nationally and teach other professionals. This blog and upcoming website are dedicated to helping patients find REAL answers and the RIGHT information; and to provide good information to physicians, nurses, and PTs who treat pelvic conditions. I look forward to you following!

  2. I also have Alcock Syrdome as we as Pudernal Nuerugial with no release I have chronic pain 24/7 no hope I am almost bed bount I.go to the bathroom at 6 times a night, during I have diarrhes. atleaset 4 times a day, I dizzy,weak,from1-10 my pain stay 8,9,10.sometimes falling can’t drive anymore. Can some help, I have this problem for14 years and it getting worse.

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