WHY is Pelvic Guru Hosting Courses? Course List

Course List

There’s a fantastic TEDx talk (and book) by Simon Sinek, Start with Why, that shares a powerful message: We can know WHAT we do, we can know HOW we do it, but the most important factor that determines greatness is WHY we do it. Inspired organizations and people start with the WHY.

This Pelvic Guru (PG) site and associated Facebook and Twitter platforms started as a hobby- a way to reach out to people all over the world about pelvic health. Once the views passed half a million and reached over 200 countries, I realized there are many people- health professionals and society as a whole- who are very interested in learning more about pelvic health and like this concept. I also realized that this was not just a place for me to share my views. This is a way for many brilliant people to share their messages and inspire so many more people.

I’m told that the way information is presented via Pelvic Guru is authentic and fun, which makes it enjoyable to learn. BOOM! This is the WHY behind Pelvic Guru courses:  I have a passion for connecting like-minded individuals to important discussions and educational opportunities about pelvic health in an APPROACHABLE and EXCITING way. I have a vision and strong desire to create meaningful discussions (beyond scientific conferences and board meetings) that translate into helping people all over the world with pelvic health conditions. When someone reaches out and says “thanks for sharing that information. It is going to have a huge impact on the way I help patients,” that’s incredible! 

golden-circle why

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle

The WHY leads to the WHAT:  creating more hands-on classes, creative learning environments and inspiring summits BEYOND the traditional courses offered already. Let’s promote the “Pelvic Gurus” out there who can provide valuable information. My goal is to give them a platform to teach creatively and support them all the way!  

I am truly in awe of the wealth of knowledge we have among colleagues. Let’s find creative ways to teach health professionals, and ultimately society at large.

The first goal is to provide these courses to physical therapists and fitness professionals. We are also offering specialty courses for other health care professionals. I’m thrilled about the line-up of incredible speakers and instructors! 

I was so excited to see that the The Boot Camp series courses are well-received. They provide clinical pearls for Pelvic PTs. Currently, we offer a basic Pelvic PT Boot Camp and in the future this will expand to specialty populations – pelvic pain, pregnancy, postnatal, and so much more. 

The next step is to offer lively, entertaining, and innovative interactive community events. There are several organizations already doing a fantastic job with this, such as The Women’s Health Foundation, and we hope to partner with them as well.

For the most up to date course listings, CLICK HERE!

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Here’s a sampling of courses offered in 2016.

*Most courses will offer PT CEUs

  • April 15-17:  Phoenix, AZ – Pudendal Palooza II. Special Pudendal Neuralgia and Pelvic Pain Course Series. Physician Lectures + Pudendal PT Course. REGISTER

    • April 15 – Medical and Surgical Management of Pudendal Neuralgia/PNE, Pelvic Pain and Mesh Complications with Drs. Hibner and Castellanos (open to physicians, nurses, and PTs)
    • April 16-17: The full Pudendal Neuralgia/Pelvic Pain Course for Pelvic PTs by Tracy Sher and Loretta J. Robertson.
  • July 29-31, 2016 Orlando, FL: The Female Athlete – The Lower Half (lumbosacral, pelvis, hip, lower limbs). Course Instructor, Antony Lo, the Physio Detective from Australia.  REGISTER   

  • *Open to: MSK/Sports/Ortho/Women’s Health Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Personal trainers, Coaches and other interested health and fitness professionals.

antony female athlete

  • This course will attempt to address these concerns about high intensity exercise in women, teach participants some of the common loaded movements, how to modify these exercises for different populations, and how to assess, treat and rehabilitate common lower half injuries.
  • September 2016, Pudendal Neuralgia and Pelvic Pain Course, Honolulu, Hawaii. REGISTER

  • (Date Pending): PF3 Advanced Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment. Pelvic Floor Level 3 Course.

  • (Early 2017 TBD further): Yoga and Pelvic Health Summit

  • (2017) Cash PT Course – Starting or Growing a Niche, “Cash PT” Program.

More courses to be added!

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 12.21.29 PM

Do you want to sign up for updates and information about courses offered via our mentoring program? SIGN UP HERE.

If you are a healthcare professional and want us to host YOUR course or you want to host a course at your facility, please email us at pelvicguru1@gmail.com * If you are not approachable or exciting, don’t apply. 😉 Ha.

If your company would like to sponsor a course or event, please email us at pelvicguru1@gmail.com.

pelvic guru academy


Tracy Sher, MPT, CSCS  Founder of Pelvic Guru. Private Practice Owner and Pelvic Physical Therapist in Orlando, FL; International Speaker/Faculty. Passionate about treating pelvic pain and all pelvic floor disorders – bowel, bladder, sexual function. Secretly hoping to be a circus clown or rock, paper, scissors champion some day. Connect with Tracy on LinkedinCheck out Pelvic Guru on Facebook or Twitter @pelvicguru1

4 thoughts on “WHY is Pelvic Guru Hosting Courses? Course List

  1. I don’t know if I can help, but I would love to be involved in the Yoga and Pelvic Health Summit. I will be finished with my Medical Therapeutic Yoga certification (with Ginger Garner) and work extensively in pelvic health. I also teach the women’s/pelvic floor section here at Des Moines University and am involved in teaching the Yoga in Medicine elective to our students.

    Thanks for keeping me in mind,

    Elizabeth Trausch, DPT
    Physical Therapist
    Clinical Assistant Professor
    Department of Physical Therapy
    Des Moines University
    3200 Grand Ave
    Des Moines, IA 50312

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